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SCOPE/SCORE Internships 2016- Exchange your summer!

DSC_0123   Apply now for the IFMSA SCOPE/SCORE summer internships 2016! Exchange your summer!

These are the countries where you could do your summer practice in 2016:


SCOPE:                                                                   SCORE:

Italy-2 spots(August)                                           Russia-1 spot

Germany-1 spot                                                   Greece-1 spot

Poland-2 spots                                                     Paraguay-1 spot

Turkey-2 spots                                                      Spain-1 spot

Russia-1 spots                                                     Turkey-1 spot

Czech Republic-1 spot

Slovenia-1 spot(september)

Mexico-2 spots

Egypt-1 spot

Tunisia-1 spot

Peru-1 spot

What are the IFMSA SCOPE/SCORE internships? it is an international program between the members of the IFMSA(International Federation of Medical Student Associations), with which students can spend one month in a foreign country doing an internship. There are two types of internships: SCOPE = Standing Comitee on Professional Exchange; SCORE = Standing Comitee on Research Exchange

To apply for SCOPE, you need to be at least a 3rd year student, and for SCORE, at least 2nd year


How to apply:

Your application must contain: a Europass CV, your academic activity in all the university years(you can attach a printscreen of the Online Student App), and papers to prove all your scientific and extracurricular activity. Also, please mention the type of internship you with to apply for(SCOPE or SCORE), and fill the scoring grid

The deadline for submitting the applications is Friday, November 20. You must bring them at the Students’ League Office, in Student Hostel 2.

All the info you need is here: PresentationExchange the WorldSCOPESCORE